cream cheese

  • Earl Grey Ice Cream (no eggs)

    The ice cream that inspired me to make it at home. Earl Grey tea has been a favorite of mine since visiting the Dicksons in Lancashire when I was 16. On that trip I was introduced to Fortnum & Mason Earl Grey which adds a hint of Lapsang Souchong (smoked tea). I now blend my own tea at home and use an extra bergamot Earl Grey and a premium Formosa Lapsang Souchong — both available from Upton Tea Company.

  • Toasted Rice Ice Cream with a whiff of Coconut and Chai Tea

    Toasted Rice Ice Cream with a whiff of Coconut and Chai Tea

    This is the first ice cream I ever made at home and is totally delicious. I adapted the recipe from Jeni’s book. The toasted rice is cooked to al dente and makes for a really interesting texture…ice cream that wants to be chewed. Use all organic ingredients for the best results.

  • Apfel Käsekuchen

    Apfel Käsekuchen

    Apple is the star of this dish, so use vanilla to lay down a nice neutral base, paint on layers of honey and marzipan then add lemon zest to provide some highlights. The result is a rich decadent dessert you don’t feel horrible about having for breakfast. It’s like all the best parts an apple pie and a soft custardy cheesecake all wrapped in a sweet buttery brioche-like dough.