• Clafoutis


    First had this at a brunch at Beast in Portland, OR in July 2019. They made theirs with blueberries and was topped with whipped crème fraîche and a big slab of candied bacon – it was so good I decided we needed to make it at home and was happily surprised how simple it was…

  • Earl Grey Ice Cream (with eggs)

    Earl Grey Ice Cream (with eggs)

    I found this variation on and it turned out to be a creamier, richer version of the Earl Grey ice cream that inspired me to make ice cream at home in the first place. It takes forever to make it, but the result is worth it.

  • Earl Grey Ice Cream (no eggs)

    The ice cream that inspired me to make it at home. Earl Grey tea has been a favorite of mine since visiting the Dicksons in Lancashire when I was 16. On that trip I was introduced to Fortnum & Mason Earl Grey which adds a hint of Lapsang Souchong (smoked tea). I now blend my own tea at home and use an extra bergamot Earl Grey and a premium Formosa Lapsang Souchong — both available from Upton Tea Company.

  • Toasted Rice Ice Cream with a whiff of Coconut and Chai Tea

    Toasted Rice Ice Cream with a whiff of Coconut and Chai Tea

    This is the first ice cream I ever made at home and is totally delicious. I adapted the recipe from Jeni’s book. The toasted rice is cooked to al dente and makes for a really interesting texture…ice cream that wants to be chewed. Use all organic ingredients for the best results.

  • Kabocha Pumpkin Tapioca

    Kabocha Pumpkin Tapioca

    Put some variety into fall desserts with this recipe.

  • Lasagna


    This version replaces the ricotta with a mix of mozzarella and gruyere, so it’s not as rich. The sauce is really what makes the dish, so it’s worth it to take the time and do it right.

  • Dutch Baby

    Dutch Baby

    I usually make this on the weekend when I have time to sit around and eat for a while. It’s better than pancakes and probably healthier than waffles or french toast.